Graph: Volume breakdown of Scholarship Awardees
Monaco 2008 - 2015
Graph: Technical & Vocational Employment of Scholarship Awardees
in India : 2004 - 2013
Graph : Specialisation Degrees of the Scholarship Awardees - EICTV, Cuba 2016
Graph : Specialisation Degrees of the Scholarship Awardees - EICTV, Cuba 2016


The Cuomo Foundation scholarship programmes support individuals and groups to allow them to study and reach their fullest potential.

For many, the support represents a substantial and life-changing difference in their futures.

Education is a major key to opportunity and the Cuomo Foundation enables access to those who it supports.

The Foundation has launched various scholarship programmes around the world.


My Dear Elena Mummy,
First one a big hug. and I miss you lot. Mummy I wrote my Feeling But I Don't no how to write in correct word. I'm very happy that you are more take care for me. Lot of thanks for you mummy. Now Before I use to see my mom crying thinking about my future, But Now I could see my mom and dad happy. Mummy I have improved my studies This is not possoble without your help. Mummy I promise you I walk properly and I will do correct exercise in every day.
I Love you mummy.

Roshan Susairaj - Chennai, India

Most Rev. Dr. Anthony Neethinathan

“Sendivakkam, which, ten years ago, was a futile, barren land can today boast of 3 new school buildings... These children were literally walking in darkness but now they have a new life – new hope – new future.”

Bishop of Chingleput
- India

Mabel Esther

“When I had nobody to help me, the Foundation funded my higher studies. At that moment, I though that, some day, when I'm in a position to help others, I should do something for the welfare of underprivileged children...”

Engineer, Vision Trust International - India

Lisa Di Salvia

 “...Without this precious scholarship, I'd never have made it to the EFAP-Paris, regardless of my high marks and motivation... I'm at your disposal for whatever assistance I could make for the projects of the Foundation.”

Student in Communication - France

Mulugeta Mokria

“Thank you for your generosity and kindness in funding our education! From now on, it will be our turn to build a powerful professional network and to assist others to achieve their goals and dreams, just as the Foundation helped us...”

Researcher - Ethiopia